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Discovery Point

The Discovery Point Toddler Ministry is a unique ministry designed for toddlers between the ages of 1 to 3 years old. We understand that toddlers can be quite demanding, especially during moments when a worship service is in progress and the parent wants to participate fully. Therefore, we provide a safe and nurturing environment where toddlers can learn, play, and have fun while their parents attend worship services.

At the core of our ministry is the belief that all toddlers should have the opportunity to come to know the love of God. We believe that Christ’s message in Luke 18:17 applies to toddlers as well as to older children and adults. By creating an environment where toddlers can feel loved and valued, we aim to instill in them a sense of the joy and wonder of God’s creation.

Through play and exploration, we teach toddlers three simple but profound truths about God. First, we teach them that God loves them unconditionally, just as they are. Second, we teach them that God created them with a unique purpose and plan for their lives. And third, we teach them that they can trust God to guide and protect them throughout their lives.

To reinforce these messages, we incorporate songs, stories, and activities that are developmentally appropriate for toddlers. Our curriculum is designed to help toddlers learn through play and exploration, and to help them develop important social, emotional, and cognitive skills. We also provide opportunities for parents to connect with one another and to receive support and encouragement in their parenting journey.

Overall, the Discovery Point Toddler Ministry is a wonderful way for parents to introduce their toddlers to the love of God and to create a sense of community and belonging. We believe that by investing in our youngest children, we are helping to build a foundation of faith that will last a lifetime.